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A little about us: 

Our mission :
To produce the very best in world caliber
black tobiano and grulla halter horses that ride. 
(Since 1981)

Our Story :

Raising halter-quality black and grulla tobiano horses has always been a big dream for me......
When I started looking for breeding stock in 1981, I quickly realized it was going to be a labor of love.
After many good years of selective improvements, everything was starting to come together with my program and the foal crop was well on it's way down the right path. The babies were just getting better and better...
Then, 'the proverbial black cat' paid a visit and things seemed to go downhill rapidly. The light of my dream was stolen, it flickered only faintly and almost went out.
As if to test my resolve even more, I was diagnosed with stage cancer in 2011. This made me look at my life in a whole different light and forced me to make some tough decisions regarding my horses. 
One of those decisions involved choosing between color (my black tobiano mares) or quality (my quarter horse mares). I chose quality -  with the plan of putting the spots back into the herd at another time...
Good news has followed. Every check-up I have had since treatment has come back positive. Praise be to the Good Lord!!!!! Every minute, every day I am given is a blessing and a miracle to treasure.
Time now to get back to that dream.....
 I have a good base of quality quarter horse mares and a few really good paint mares to cross back on some great paint stallions. 
My dream is in full flame and I am excited to be back!!!
Thank you to all of you who have supported me through the rough times and I look forward to getting 'back in the game'.
Hope to see you all out there!!!

Cindy Hanna 


Feeling Nosey? 
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Signature Paint Horses 
Cindy Hanna 
260776 CR H 
Scottsbluff,  NE   69361